COR's Annual Literary

The Richard Peterson Poetry Prize

The Jack Dyer Fiction Prize

The John Guyon Literary 

Nonfiction Prize


$2,000 and publication

to each genre winner

(finalists are offered $500 for publication)

February 21, 2016 – May 10, 2016 deadline extended
Entry Fee: $15.00 per entry
All entrants with a U.S. postal address receive a copy of the 2017 double issue published in June 2017, featuring COR's Annual Literary Contests winners ($20.00 value)

One winner and at least two finalists will be chosen in each category (there is no theme for the Literary Prize entries; just send your best work). The three category winners will be published and the finalists offered publication (with a payment of $500) in the next double issue of CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW, Volume 22, Nos. 1 & 2. The expected publication date of that issue is June 2017. The winners and finalists will also be announced on the CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW Website and in the following year's March/April POETS & WRITERS.

The submission period for this year's prize competitions is February 21, 2016 through May 10, 2016 deadline extended. Entries must be previously unpublished*, original work written in English by a United States citizen, permanent resident, or person who has DACA/TPS status (current students and employees at Southern Illinois University Carbondale are not eligible). The author's name should not appear on any page.

*We have had people ask about what is eligible as unpublished work and at CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW we define "unpublished" as work that has not been published by an online or print publication and is not currently accepted for such publication; we do allow work that has been posted online by the writer (though we will ask that the work be taken down until after the time it is published in CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW) or is available online as part of a thesis or dissertation required for the completion of a degree. Simultaneous submissions are considered for the COR's Annual Literary Contests, but the winning entries and finalists must meet the criteria as unpublished work described here to be eligible for the awards and publication.

All entries must be submitted online between February 21, 2016 and the end of May 10, 2016 deadline extended (entries will be accepted online until 11:59:59 PM (Pacific Daylight Saving Time) on May 10, 2016 deadline extended). All entrants will receive notification of the results by email by June 30, 2016.

All entries will also be considered for publication in the next double issue of CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW, Volume 22, Nos. 1 & 2. The expected publication date of that issue is June 2017. Regular CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW contributor’s payment rates ($25 (US) per magazine page. $50 minimum for poetry; $100 minimum for prose) apply to any accepted work that is not a genre winner or finalist.

We hope to make all editorial decisions for the issue by the end of July 2016.

SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSION: Entries may be under consideration elsewhere, but CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW must be informed immediately if a submission is accepted for publication. Entry fees will not be refunded for submissions withdrawn by the author.


Poetry entries should consist of one poem up to five pages in length.

Prose entry length: up to 6000 words for fiction and up to 6500 words for literary nonfiction.

The author's name should not appear on any page of the entry.

One COR Annual Literary Contest poetry entry, or one story entry in fiction, or one essay entry in literary nonfiction per $15.00 online entry fee. You may enter in each genre up to three times if you wish; you may also enter as many genres as you wish.

We will send you the next double issue of CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW, Volume 21, Nos. 1 & 2, which will include the winners of these competitions, to a U.S. postal address for your first entry and additional copies of that issue beyond that according to the number of entries you have. The expected publication date of that issue is June 2016. Due to the extremely high cost of International Mail and uncertainty of successful delivery, individuals entering from overseas will need to provide a United States postal address to receive a copy of the issue.