Ends on October 31, 2017

Submissions will open for free on Submittable August 30, 2017, and will run until October 31, 2017. It is not lost upon us that this is the first special issue we won't be paying contributors, but we hope writers will embrace this topic and explore all the ways our lives and our world are shaped by money, whether you are cashing in, cashing out, or maybe even caring and sharing a little while we all try to get by.

All submissions should be original, unpublished literary nonfiction in English. We publish non-academic explorative essays of twenty-five pages or less, including memoirs, vignettes, and essays on identity and culture. Do not submit more than one piece (six pages or more) or two shorter prose pieces per submission.

If a writer submits more than one piece of work and needs to withdraw part of the submission, please request to edit your Submittable submission and remove the piece or pieces no longer available.

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